IntelliRep is a subscription service with two plan options. GoldMine is the supported CRM integration and licensing for this software is also available if needed.
A digital marketing module, providing interactive email and web site marketing capabilities, can be added to either plan at a fee of $795/yr.

Lead Management
Without CRM Integration$15per rep

  • Automated Email Lead Notification
  • Inbox Driven Lead Management
  • Web Site Lead Capture Form
  • Sales Agent Lead Registration Form
  • Trade Show Follow-up Module
  • Monthly Fee Per Sales Rep
    10% Discount For Annual Prepay
  • Minimum 5 Sales Rep Users
  • Additional Sales Reps - $10/rep/month
  • Pay Only For Active Monthly Users

  • Sign Up
* Rep Users Can Be Outside Of The CRM System (i.e. external rep firms)