IntelliClick E-mail And Web Site Marketing

IMAGINE . . . Email Marketing Campaigns That Can:

  • Alerts

    Instantly Notify You
    Who Is Interested

    Send email or text messages to your sales team at the moment of interest.

  • WebNav

    Identify How
    Interested They Are

    "Digital Body Language" tracking identifies their level of interest. 

  • Image

    Proactively Kick Start
    Your Sales Process

    "One Click" event registration, literature and action requests enable timely follow-up.

  • Image

    Automatically Update
    Your CRM System

    CRM system integration stores on-going results for each contact.

How We Differ Makes All The Difference To You

Start A Dialogue With Your Audience

See Why Nick Loves IntelliClick

IntelliClick combines the security of on-premise software with the efficiency and scalability of the cloud. Enjoy all the features you expect from an email marketing system including open, click and unsubscribe tracking. Included is a generous gallery of HTML email templates, a powerful online editor and effective email delivery services. Message and landing page branding is entirely exclusive to your organization.


Go beyond the basics with IntelliClick's interactive capabilities that start a "real time" dialogue with your target audience. Alerts, special "one click" call to action links and analytics allow your organization to be laser focused on the best opportunities at the most opportune time. Use our "top leads" metrics to identify who is ready to buy and when.


"IntelliClick is the complete package - a holistic solution for engagement, custom reporting, event registration and real-time dashboards. Bottom line, it is like having another employee in the organization - increasing and adding to our capacity!"

- Lara Hall, Director of Marketing - Juice Inc.

"With the help of powerful email marketing features provided by IntelliClick, we can now communicate relevant updates and information that relates directly to our clients' unique shipping needs."

- Matt Goddyn, Marketing Manager - CSA Transportation

"We used to chase every lead equally. Now we're able to see who is likely to move on a sale based on their website activity. For our business, this is the biggest benefit. We know who has been active, and who is ready to take action to buy"

- Terry Finley, President - West Point Thoroughbreds, Inc.

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